Cleod9 Voice Mastery

Call Recording

Usage information and Best Practices

Easily record important calls from any Cleod9 Voice connected device, for later access and download in this Cleod9 Video Tutorial.

Information Covered:

  • Useful to capture important information, or when you need to share the call with someone else later on
  • Easy to record calls from any Cleod9 Voice connected device
  • Use the red, circular recording icon to begin and stop recording
  • Access and download recordings through call history or even receive them by email
  • Use on any Cleod9 Voice connected device by opening the dial pad and dial *1 to start recording
  • Pressing *2 on the dial pad can pause and resume recording as many times as needed.
  • Recorded snippets are conveniently combined into one, simple file.
  • Recording capabilities can be restricted by the access control list

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