Our web collaboration tool serves as a central hub where all of your company communications originate from. This platform enables simple, instant, and secure communication between employees situated in different offices, right next door or across the world. You can make calls,  share your screen, hold a video or audio conference, send faxes, set up virtual reminders and more – all from this single web-based platform.

Our web collaboration system is also equipped with geolocation, allowing every user to see  who is online, busy, engaged in conversation, or set to do not disturb. This allows for higher  productivity and fewer interruptions.

Like all of our technology, our collaboration tool is web-based and accessible without installing  or downloading any software. It is also fully operational on all Operating Systems (Linux, Mac,  iOS, Andriod, or Windows). This means that you can use your office phone, computer, or your own cell phone with our “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) option for communication. Just think – there’s no wait time for a company installation or updates. Simply login and your collaboration  platform is ready to use.

You can also integrate our web collaboration platform with your existing CRM and several  other applications, allowing for an even more streamlined workflow process for your team.

You can streamline the way your company communicates – it all starts with our collaboration  tool.


Attendant Console

Our Web Collaboration Platform is equipped with a built-in, web-based attendant console. This  intuitive tool is useful for managing high volumes of concurrent calls, particularly if there is not an administrative position to handle calls.

Fax Server

Gone are the days of paper faxes thanks to the fax interfaces, Fax2Mail & Mail2Fax. You can  send and receive faxes and via email or within the collaboration web interface. You will also  have the ability to store all of your faxes in digital format – rather than keeping the paper faxes  that you once had to hold on to.

Reporting & Analytics (CDR-View)

We offer you a built in tool for call traffic monitoring to track your company call activity: quantity, duration, type, costs of calls, SLA stats, peak hours, activity of users & groups. All of these analytics are provided within your Web Collaboration interface in order to assist in your internal  processes and evaluation.

– chat

– presence & geolocation

– conferencing

– memo messages

– fax & SMS to one or more users

– access to corporate phonebooks

– screen sharing & file transfer – audio & video calls/conferences with external users

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