Video conferencing often seems complex and clunky. The process of “jumping on a video con ference” sounds simple – but can lead to frustration and technological difficulties or the need  for IT help. We’re proud to have a video conferencing system that is simple and works. Leading to less frustration and greater ease for our users. 

Our browser to browser transmission is an upgraded experience from traditional video confer encing apps or software. Unlike other video platforms, users do not have to download or install  any software, waste time on additional set-up, or invest in hardware or cabling. This provides  security as well as simplicity. 

When you send out an invitation, external users only need a shared link to join the meeting, no  additional ID or password required. However, this lack of additional steps does not not equal a  lack of security. Our system is built upon WebRTC technology, allowing for real-time audio and  video transmission from browser to browser.  

Our developer was the first to fully integrate WebRTC for direct audio and video communica tion support in a web browser without the need to install any video conferencing software or  configure a VPN. The WebRTC technology is relatively new, designed by Google and now  known for its platform security. In fact, this technology is one of the most secure options cur rently on the market, allowing for compliance among even the banking and medical industries.  

Our video conferencing solution is hipaa compliant, and is currently the trusted product of  many medical facilities and professionals. 

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