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Call Intrusion

Usage information and Best Practices

Effortlessly join the ongoing calls of others after watching this Cleod9 Video Tutorial. Learn different types of Call intrusion, like Listen Mode, Barge, and Whisper to better supervise staff, assist employees, and guide new colleagues.

Information Covered:

  • Allows you to join an ongoing call of one of your colleagues (regardless if external or internal)
  • Different types of Call intrusion
    • Silent Intrusion, “Listen”: Nobody can hear you. Nobody is notified of your presence, unless configured otherwise. Great for monitoring and supervision without interfering in the call.
    • Partial Intrusion, “Whisper”: Only one party can hear you. This is great for coaching new employees with guidance and tips on the call.
    • Full Intrusion, “Barge”: Both parties can hear you. This effectively turns the two-party call into a conference call.
  • Can be done with any device connected to the Cleod9 Voice System.
  • Note: System administrator must grant access to call intrusion features.

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