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VoIP, or Voiceover Internet Protocol, supports the delivery of voice communications and data  over networks. A hosted PBX system is programmed remotely, rather than on-site, and main tained in the cloud. This eliminates some costly upgrade and maintenance expenses.

Our VoIP phone system fully integrates with the hardware of your choice, meaning you can in tegrate our system to use with any office phone. We also provide VoIP users with a mobile ap plication that allows you to answer your desk phone from your existing cell phone.

With our “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policy, you can access your office phone system  from any device, allowing you to maintain functionality even while working remotely. Users can  also make calls directly from their computer, without the need to install any additional software  or a VPN.

With Cleod9 VoIP service, your employees will be able to connect across the shared network in  order to globally cluster. Due to our VoIP PBX system’s capabilities, no matter where an em ployee may be located, they can join your company’s seamless communication environmen t.This network of intra-company communication is one tremendous asset of the VoIP PBX sys tem.

The Cleod9 VoIP PBX system is also scalable, flexible and easily adapts to the needs of any  company. No matter the number of employees you may have in your business – we fit the  needs of businesses with 1-,1000.

In most cases, we produce significant savings for our client’s through transitioning to VoIP There is a difference specifically in long distance costs for both voice and fax that often make  VoIP implementation worth while. The differences in traffic patterns between voice and data  also make VoIP significantly more efficient than traditional telephones. Moving your voice  communications as data traffic means it will benefit from network optimization just as your oth er networked applications do. This improved efficiency also improves your company’s bottom  line.

Why choose a VoIP Phone System? Here are 4 key reasons:  


In most cases, setting up a VoIP telephone solution is fast and surprisingly easy. It can also be  updated and maintained virtually, without the need for in-person updates.


Ordering and installing a VoIP system typically costs only a fraction of what a traditional phone  system costs.


If your power, internet connection, or anything else fails, your office phone will not be dis turbed. Your business calls can easily be re-routed and taken through another device.


Once your VoIP system is installed, your company never has to purchase another telephone  system.


Cleod9 is proud to offer a full line of hardware to meet any size company and budget. With our  cloud-based system, adding new lines and hardware is simple. We have options to meet any  need, including wireless, conferencing, and video integration. Our products are designed to be  updated over time to adapt to changes in the IT landscape. We want to ensure the perfect per formance of our hardware and software upgrades. All devices include a 5-year warranty from  the date of purchase and are available for rent or purchase. (see link for product specifics) 


With our Mobile App, your work phone line is no longer limited your office desk. Mobili ty places the freedom and flexibility in your hands to ensure no matter where you are,  you won’t miss an important call. You also have the option to set your availability, pro tecting your time away from the office as well. No matter your business communication  needs – Mobility is available to extend the support our Cloud-based VOIP system pro vides.

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